Program Trainer I (Contractor ) : 1 position Field Based : Mea Sariang

1 position Field Based : Mea Sariang

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Job Summary

Program Trainer responsible for design effective learning processes, contextualizing content and delivering live learning events. He/She could give recommend and evaluate training vendors to provide, develop, and/or deliver training interventions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in this or related field.
  2. Able to communicate in Thai, Karen and/or English.
  3. Experience working in this or similar filed is an advantage.
  4. Experience working in Holistic Child Development or Project Management or similar is an advantage.
  5. Schedules training facilities, logistics and transportation, for self and others and pre pares instructional materials.
  6. Contextualize content to fit with local context and assesses skills and knowledge of participants, and prepares training reports to provide to supervisor.
  7. Uses dynamic learning environments to meet specific learning objectives, guiding participants, generally in small group settings, through structured learning and inter action, often adjusting style as necessary for culture and knowledge level.

**This position will be considered to be full time in the future**

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Program Trainer I ( Contractor ) :

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