Sponsor Donor Support Contractor : 1 Position

เจ้าหน้าที่งานบริการผู้อุปการะ (พนักงานสัญญาจ้าง)

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Job Summary

Sponsor Donor Contractor assist with day-to-day process and activity to service the sponsor donor connection.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Assists with coordinating the gathering of communication resources from the church partner.
  2. Follows production schedule with deadlines and acts on feedback on the quality of information received.
  3. Help monitoring quality of document and sort sponsor and child letters.
  4. Often provides some general administrative support.
  5. Support Tour and Trip visit as need.
  6. Other tasks as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required                                                                         

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in this or related field.
  2. Able to communicate in English and Karen.
  3. Self-motivated.
  4. Teamwork oriented.
  5. Strong attention to detail.
  6. Able to use computer and office equipment/machine.
  7. Experience using Microsoft Office software, Social Network and Cloud system.

Please Submit your application before May 3, 2019

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